Yazar: Edwin A. Grosvenor


The book is organized chronologically, by political history, and then by theme; a great deal of space is devoted to archaeological history, art history, and architecture. Also discusses the physical nature of the city: how the art, the growth of the streets, and the politics all affected the city's appearance today. The history, mythology, art, and décor of significant mosques in the city are included. Contains about 600 pages of analysis, with a great number of photographs and illustrations. Constantinople was “the most important treatise . . . that has yet appeared in English,” wrote a reviewer in the Springfield Republican. “One of the books of the year.” The New York Times said that Grosvenor was “uniquely suited to the task.” This special edition of the book comprises two volumes, separately published in 1900 and 1895.


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Yazar ve tarihçi Edwin A. Grosvenor’un siyasi tarih doğrultusunda kronolojik olarak olayları sıraladığı Constantinople; İstanbul’un arkeolojik, sanat ve mimari tarihini içeriyor. Kitap ayrıca şehrin fiziksel yapısını, caddelerini, meydanlarını, semtlerini ele alıyor. Şehrin başlıca camilerinin dekoru üzerinden tarih, mitoloji ve sanatın da konu edildiği 600 sayfalık kitap çok sayıda fotoğraf ve illüstrasyon da içeriyor. İlk kez yayımlandığı 1895 yılında eleştirmenler tarafından “Yılın en önemli kitabı” olarak değerlendirilen Constantinople ilk baskısından yaklaşık 120 yıl sonra tek cilt olarak orijinal dilinde özel bir baskıyla yeniden okur karşısında.





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deri ciltli, iplik dikişli, Kutulu, mat kuşe, özel baskı

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Aralık 2014


23 cm x 16 cm

Edwin Augustus Grosvenor (1845-1936) was a historian, author, chairman of the history department at Amherst College, and longtime president of the national organization of Phi Beta Kappa societies. Grosvenor was called "one of the most cosmopolitan of Americans" by author and abolitionist Thomas Wentworth Higginson. His son, Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor, was the first employee and longtime editor of National Geographic Magazine. Grosvenor graduated from Amherst College in 1867 as class poet and salutatorian. After graduating, he served as a tutor at Robert College in Constantinople, Turkey. After returning to the U.S., he obtained an M. A. from Amherst College and was ordained as a minister in Newburyport, 1872. In 1872 Edwin Grosvenor returned to Robert College with his young wife and began teaching. Grosvenor then taught at Amherst College from 1892 to 1914, and was professor emeritus until his death in 1936.

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    And Recollections of Robert College

    This book has been written at the request of many friends of Robert College. It embodies a history of the College from its foundation to the close of its fortieth year, 1903. I have chosen to make it a record of personal recollections, because this seemed to be the only way in which I could write freely of events and personalities as they appeared to me at the time, without compromising the present administration of the College or making it responsible in any way for my opinions or actions.

    It has been my purpose to make it as far as possible a history of the College, but the picture of a college in Constantinople during these years could not be drawn without a background of incidents, personalities and events, such as would have no place in the story of a college in America. On the other hand, it did not seem wise to make the background more attractive than the picture, or even to set the latter in the frame of a detailed history of the Turkish Empire. The Introduction is a review of the events of the last fifty years which have led to the recent revolution in Constantinople.


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