Floyd Henson Black 1888 – 1983


Yazar: Cyril Edwin Black

A Remembrance By His Son

The biography of Dr. Floyd Black, the President of Robert College and the American College for Girls in Istanbul, Turkey between 1942-1955 was written by his son Cyril Edwin Black, upon the death of his father. The unpublished manuscript which was meant for the members of the Black family and friends, is an interesting account of the fruitful career of Dr. Black which began in Sofia College in Bulgaria, and continued in Robert College and the American College for Girls, in Istanbul, Turkey.
The biography of Dr. Floyd Black provides insight into the lives and personal commitment of Americans to the ideal of educating the modern individual in a college curriculum of humanities with modern sciences and professional training that honored the basic awareness of the need for respecting the differences among the student body coming from a rich background of divergent cultures.



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