The Bosphorus Papers

Yazar: Gerjan VanSchaaik

Studies In Turkish Grammar 1996-1999

Tables of Contents
-Similarity in Turkish
-Functional Grammar and Turkish
-İşlevsel Dilbilgisi Nedir?
-Argument Reduction In Turkish
-Türkçe’de Öznelik Eksiltme
-The Order of Normalizations
-Higher Order Compounds in Turkish
-Tense / Aspects in Periphrastic Constructions
-Index of Authors

The Bosphorus Papers. Studies in Turkish Grammar 1996-1999 com-prises a series of articles prepared by Gerjan van Schaaik after he came to Istanbul in 1996 to teach at Boğaziçi University. Having worked pre-viously at the Department of Computational Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam, Van Schaaik found on the shores of the Bosphorus an excellent and most inspiring place to work on the structure of Turkish, a field which has always held a great fascination for him. This work follows an earlier publication, Studies in Turkish Grammar. He is currently work-ing on The Noun in Turkish. Its Argument Structure and the Compound-ing Straitjacket. Other research projects Van Schaaik has been involved in at Boğaziçi University are the construction of A Computerised Corpus of Turkish Texts and A Frequency Count of Turkish Words.


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